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Boost Your Productivity with 11 Notion Templates: A Guide for holistic hustlers

Updated: Apr 16, 2023

This goes out to all the Holistic Hustlers who appreciate the grind while valuing a well-rounded approach to productivity and personal development. If this describes you, this article is especially for you.

These templates are designed to optimize your workflow in every aspect of life. From personal development, excelling in work or school, or just being the best entrepreneur you can be. These 11 Notion templates have been carefully curated for the Holistic Hustlers out there.

Templates for personal development

When we think about personal development, it encompasses various aspects of life, including physical, emotional, and intellectual well-being. This may involve setting goals, developing positive mindsets, pursuing hobbies, and having a growth mindset. These templates below intend to support your journey to unlocking your full potential.

1. Balance OS | Integrated GTD, PARA & Goal Setting Notion Template
this is for: the messy prodigy

Have you ever been so overwhelmed by all your tasks that you were unsure where to even start? What about your personal and professional goals? Your side hustles and all the ideas floating around in your head? This template takes advantage of the automatic and relating features Notion has to connect and organize everything—your tasks, projects, areas, goals, ideas, and notes—until all the questions and jumbled-up thoughts in your mind make perfect sense!

What it includes:

  • PARA Method – A filing cabinet for your brain, with 20+ templates that automatically filter your tasks and resources/notes by project or area and automatic progress bars.

  • Life-balance Journaling – A place to check in with yourself and align with your purpose and goals weekly, monthly, or whenever you need it with 5 templates.

  • Eisenhower's Matrix – Priority settings tool.

2. The Monthly Finance Tracker
this is for: the savvy & thrifty millionaires

The Monthly Finance Tracker keeps track of your monthly expenses, including bills and groceries, as well as your income, including salary and bonuses. The categorizing feature also allows you to organize them!

The tracker helps to manage your budget and monitor your progress towards these goals, so you can adjust your spending habits as needed.

What it includes:

  • Monthly subscriptions tracker

  • Calculator for monthly net income

  • Bank accounts database

3. The Ultimate Basic Daily Life Planner Notion Template (Lady Babe v.)
this is for: aesthetic lovers

Productivity and pretty goes really well together. There is even evidence that suggests that aesthetics can boost productivity by positively influencing our mood, mindset, and motivation! This template embodies this.

The Ultimate Basic Daily Life Planner is designed to help you stay on top of your daily tasks, appointments, meal planning, etc. all in one centralized location.

What it includes:

  • Meal Planning

  • 24-hour planning schedule with a half-hour feature

  • Personalized time blocking

4. Must-Read Books
this is for: the knowledge wizards

The Must Read Books Template is a curation of tools, resources, and must-read books for achieving success in all areas of life. This incredible library offers over 24 categories and 1000+ secrets to success.

What it includes:

  • More than 250+ Books to Read

  • Notes & Questions after reading a Book

  • Custom Book Highlights

Get it here: Must-Read Books

5. notion habit tracker
this is for: the consistency kings & queens

This tool aims to help you beat procrastination and develop better habits. The tool is designed to track your habits while you're on the go and keep track of your weekly habit progress.

What it includes:

  • A collection of color gradient spheres to brighten the mood, vibes and spark joy.

  • Progress bar formula

  • Simple database table view

Get it here: Notion Habit Tracker

6. Plant Agenda - From Zero to Plant Hero
this is for: aspiring plant mums & dads

Have you ever found yourself staring at all those beautiful plants in the stores and wished that you didn't kill every green thing you ever cared for? Well, you don't have to wish anymore! This template is here to help you achieve that. You will be able to create a "profile" for every one of your plants and to track the care you take of them just with one click.

What it includes:

  • Pre-made properties fields – Add all of the main information about your plant (watering, light, soil,...) and some fun ones (birthday,...)!

  • Plant page template to store all of the important information about your plant, which will always be one click away from you to consult.

  • Calendar and table view to keep track of how you're caring for your plants and see it at a glance.

this is for: dream chasers & go-getters

The Manifest-station aims to turn dreams into reality. It is designed to help you cultivate a positive mindset, set clear goals, and take consistent action toward achieving those goals. Combining the principles of manifestation with effective planning and organization tools, its power for personal growth and transformation will be immense.

What it includes:

  • Explore Inwards: Visualization exercises, red-flags identifier in your journey toward self-growth.

  • Dynamic Habit Tracker: Interactive habit tracker graph to track your habits in real time.

  • SMART Goals System: Accountability system to work toward your goals.

Get it here: The Manifest-station

Templates for school

Notion is a powerful tool for school because it provides a flexible and customizable platform for organizing and managing various aspects of academic life.

8. student dashboard
this is for: the brainy one

Never miss a deadline again with the help of this Student Dashboard. Say goodbye to the scattered mess of notes and schedules, and hello to the organised and efficient academic life you’ve always dreamed of.

What it includes:

  • Academic Calendar & exam schedule

  • Pre-built templates for class notes and revision

  • Pomodoro Timer

Get it here: Student Dashboard

9. Botanical Academia | Notion Template for Students
this is for: the 4.0 gpa student

This Botanical Academia template is designed for University and Ph.D. students who have the daunting task of tackling assignments, exams, courses, and papers. This tool helps you to stay organized and on top of the many tasks that come with university life in a stress-free and pleasant way.

What it includes:

  • My Courses Page with a customizable template for each course

  • Planned Semesters Page

  • Grades tracking for each course

Templates for self-starters

Planning on turning your side hustles into a full-time job? Here are two templates to help you on your journey.

10. Guide To Launching Products On Gumroad
this is for: the solopreneurs

This guide is especially for novice Gumroad sellers who are looking to make their first sale or are just new to selling digital products online.

This comprehensive guide includes everything from how to create your digital product, prepare your product listings and even promoting it on social media.

What it includes:

  • Figma guide on producing Gumroad Thumbnails

  • Bonus Tips To Up Your Gumroad Game

  • Creating your landing page

11. Content Creator's Dashboard
this is for: content creators

The Content Creator's Dashboard aims to streamline your content creation process with a centralized database that tracks your content calendar, tasks, and social media metrics. This is perfect if you are looking for an accountability buddy to set monthly metrics goals and track your social media successes across all platforms.

What it includes:

  • Progress Monitor – Monitor your social media platforms in a centralized database with automatic monthly reports

  • Content Masterlist – Create your content calendar and plan months in advanced

  • Task Prioritization – Daily accountability tool that tracks large projects, tasks and brain dump

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