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the chatgpt cheatsheet for marketers: 150+ Prompts & template

This ChatGPT Cheat Sheet is especially for Marketers and Notion Creators who value compelling and effective marketing content.

As content creators, we all know that creating content that engages your audience can be a daunting task. From brainstorming ideas to crafting copy and designing graphics, there's a lot to consider. But with this cheat sheet, I've got you covered.

I've compiled over 150 ChatGPT prompts including a FREE Notion template to help you create content that resonates with your target audience and drives results.

A Creator's journey

Everyone’s journey is a little different, but generally, it looks something like this.

Leverage Chat GPT in every part of your journey to streamline your process and make the most out of your resources. This cheat sheet provides you with prompts at every stage of your creator’s journey.

3 prompt strategies for better output

Before diving into the prompts, here are a few tips to get the most useful outputs. Many a time, if you use ChatGPT frequently, you realize it starts to produce generic outputs that don't value-add to your writing or work. This is why it is important to understand ChatGPT's limitations and come up with more specialized prompts.

Here are 3 tips for better output:

  1. The more information you input the better! Be specific in what you want the AI tool to write about

  2. Use verbs and describe the tone of voice you would like ChatGPT to use when you key in information like the topic, target audience, and desired results.

  3. ChatGPT’s knowledge is limited to 2021 data. This means that you should cross-check the information with a tool that has real-time capabilities.


Adding verbs and tone of voice provides ChatGPT more context to the mood of your content while keeping consistent with your brand voice. Here are some examples of verbs and tone of voice ideas.

Now, on to the prompts. These prompts are categorized based on the relevance of use at every stage of a creator's journey.

1. Ideation & Creation of Notion Templates

A. Planning Template ideas
  1. What kind of Notion templates do people use the most?

  2. Who would benefit from a [TYPE OF TEMPLATE]?

  3. I want to create a Notion template for [TARGET AUDIENCE], how should I go about it?

  4. What kind of Notion templates would [TARGET AUDIENCE] need?

  5. What are the problems/ bottlenecks faced by [TARGET AUDIENCE]?

B. Template Creation
  1. How to streamline the [TARGET AUDIENCE] process using a notion template?

  2. Why would the [TARGET AUDIENCE] require this template?

  3. What are the things you should include in a [TYPE OF TEMPLATE]?

  4. What type of databases are needed on a Notion template for [TARGET AUDIENCE]?


2. content creation & marketing

  1. I sell products to [TARGET AUDIENCE], what should my content pillars be?

  2. What content should I create to convince [TARGET AUDIENCE] to purchase my [TYPE OF TEMPLATE]?

  3. Create a message house for my Notion Templates shop to target [TARGET AUDIENCE].

  1. Write a list of keywords related to this topic: [TOPIC].

  2. Identify the search intent of the following keywords [KEYWORDS].

  3. Write a list of log titles that include a list or number on this topic: [TOPIC].

  4. Write a list of blog titles that include keywords related to the topic: [TOPIC].

  5. Write a list of blog titles that include a question on this topic: [TOPIC].

  6. What are the most common misconceptions about [TOPIC]?

  7. Generate a list of blog topic ideas within [industry/niche].

  8. Write a list of potential headings and subheadings for a blog post on this topic: [TOPIC].

  9. Write a list of potential sections for a blog post on this topic: [TOPIC], targeted at [TARGET AUDIENCE] format with headers, sub-headers, and bullet points, including an SEO title, H1 descriptions, and Meta description.

  10. What main takeaways or conclusion should the reader be left with after reading the article about [TOPIC].

  11. Write an outline for the blog on [TOPIC].

  12. What type of calls-to-action (CTA) should be included in the article about [TOPIC].

  13. Potential keywords that could be used to target a specific level or type of experience [LEVEL OR TYPE OF EXPERIENCE]

  14. Write a list of potential examples or case studies to include in a blog post on [TOPIC].

  15. Write a list of potential key takeaways or points to emphasize in a blog post on [TOPIC].

  16. Write a blog post that offers a step-by-step guide to solving [PROBLEM].

  17. Write an informative yet entertaining blog post on how to use [TOOL].

  18. What type of content materials should I create to support this article?

  19. Write a list of blog titles that include a personal story or anecdote about [TOPIC].

  20. Write a list of blog titles that include a metaphor or simile about [TOPIC].

c. copywriting
  1. Write a tagline for [PRODUCT]. It should be memorable, concise, and grab people's attention. Also, try to play with words and make it fun”

  2. Generate a slogan for a [CAMPAIGN or PRODUCT] with objectives to engage and grab the attention. Give me at least 5 examples.

  3. List unusual copywriting techniques that I can use to create taglines.

d. product description
  1. Write a sophisticated paragraph about this [PRODUCT].

  2. Write a list of emotional benefits for the features above.

  3. Write a compelling value proposition for [PRODUCT].

  4. Given the key features, write a [ADJECTIVE] paragraph that will move customers to action in buying [PRODUCT].

  5. Write an AIDA about this product.

  6. Create a product description using the above product technical details.

  7. What should I include on my product homepage about [PRODUCT]?

  8. Write a product description of fewer than 150 words about [PRODUCT].

  9. Write a convincing summary of the [PRODUCT DESCTIPTION].

2.1. Types of social media posts

A. strong call-to-action (cta)
  1. Write a call to action for a [product] that gets the reader to [action]

  2. Write a CTA for a [product/service]

  3. Write a CTA for the content above

  4. Write a [adjective] CTA promoting a [product/service] for [customer type]

  5. Persuade my audience to purchase [product/service] and include the CTA: [your CTA]

  6. Provide X powerful calls to action about [product/service]

b. promotional
  1. Make promotional social media post for a [product/service]

  2. Write a social media post that generates leads for [product/service]

  3. Generate a post to create a sense of urgency for buying our product [product name]

  4. Create a social media post that compares our product [product name] with a similar product on the market

  5. Write a PAS for the content above. (Problem, Agitate, Solve)

  6. Write an AIDA for the content above. (Attention, Interest, Desire, Action)

  7. Write a BAB about the content above. (Before, After, Bridge)

  8. Generate a post announcing the launch of our new product [product name].

  9. Write a social media post about [product/service] and include [client pain points].

  10. Write X engaging hooks ideas for a social media post about [topic].

C. Interactive
  1. Write a funny joke to post on social media about [topic]

  2. Mention a fun fact about [topic] and create a social media post about it

  3. Write an analogy to explain [topic] and create a social media post about it

  4. Write a funny social media post about [topic]

  5. Write a riddle about [topic]

  6. Create a social media challenge to encourage people to [activity]

  7. Come up with witty puns about [topic]

  8. Create a social media post recommending [books, movies, podcasts, products, services, etc.]

d. inspirational
  1. Write an inspirational social media message for [target audience]

  2. Create a social media post sharing a motivational quote about [topic]

  3. Make a post sharing an inspiring success story about [topic]

  4. Write an inspiring social media post about how to overcome [failure/challenge]

e. educational
  1. Write a how-to social media post about [topic]

  2. Explain [topic] to a kid

  3. Write a social media post based on the statistic/information mentioned above

  4. Create a short social media post answering: [question]?

  5. Mention a little-known fact about [topic].

  6. Write a tips and tricks social media post about [topic].

  7. Write a social media post discussing a myth about [topic].

  8. Make a social media post about [topic] tips/benefits.

  9. Explain in a social media post how X works.

  10. Write a social media post explaining the importance of [topic].

f. interacting
  1. Start a social media debate about [topic]

  2. Write a social media post asking a question about [topic]

  3. Create a social media post asking for [movies, books, podcasts, etc.] recommendations

  4. List x social media contest ideas

  5. Create a social media giveaway post for [product/service]

  6. Create a social media poll/quiz about [topic]

  7. Create a social media post announcing a live Q&A session

  8. Create X poll options for a quiz about [topic]

2.2. social media content

A. TikTok
  1. Ideate a week's worth of content for my TikTok account about [YOUR SHOP]

  2. Write X TikTok Captions for a video about [topic]

  3. Write a TikTok video script about [topic]

  4. Give me X TikTok challenge ideas.

b. youtube
  1. Generate some YouTube video titles about [topic]

  2. Write a script outline for a Youtube video titled [title]

  3. Create an engaging intro for a YouTube video titled [title]

  4. Write a hook for a Youtube video about [topic]

  5. Craft a short description for the video script above

c. Instagram
  1. Write a witty Instagram caption about [topic]

  2. Give me Instagram photo captions for a picture of/about [topic]

  3. Generate 10 viral Instagram Reel ideas about [topic]

  4. Ideate a week's worth of content for my Instagram account about [YOUR SHOP]

  5. Write a 100-word Instagram caption on [TOPIC], in a friendly, informative tone, and insert top trending hashtags.

  6. Come up with 5 points for a carousel about [TOPIC], targeting [TARGET AUDIENCE].

d. facebook
  1. Ideate a week's worth of content for my Facebook account about [YOUR SHOP]

  2. Write an engaging Facebook post about the company described above

  3. Produce a Facebook status about the benefits of [topic]

  4. Write a Facebook post about [topic]

  5. Give me an interesting question to post on my Facebook Group about [topic]

  6. Rephrase the content above as a catchy Facebook post

  7. Generate question ideas for a Facebook poll/quiz about [topic]

e. Twitter
  1. Ideate a week's worth of content for my Twitter account about [YOUR SHOP]

  2. Write a Twitter thread about [TOPIC]

  3. Generate a funny tweet about [TOPIC]

  4. What are 10 tweets to post about [TOPIC]?

  5. Produce 10 tweets based on the information above

  6. Rewrite the content above as a tweet

  7. Write a tweet about [TOPIC] in a [ADJECTIVE] tone

  8. Give me an analogy of [TOPIC].

  9. Imagine that you are an expert in [TOPIC], write a 10-tweet informative Twitter thread about [INSERT TOPIC], and use “✍🏻” as bullet points.

  10. Write in the third person about an experience specific to [TOPIC]; the goal is to be relatable and funny. The tweet is to be posted on a community channel.

  11. Create a content calendar with 5 main content pillars [PILLAR 1], [PILLAR 2], [PILLAR 3], [PILLAR 4], [PILLAR 5]. Come up with a list of topics that can be turned into a Twitter thread, and organize the information in a table.

f. LinkedIn
  1. What is the number one tip you would give me if I want to write an informational and insightful article on [TOPIC] for my supporters on LinkedIn? Please keep the answer under 100 words.

  2. Generate 5 topics for LinkedIn about [PROFESSION or TOPIC].

  3. Assume the persona of a Product Researcher, and provide a UX research tip for a LinkedIn thought leadership post. Keep the post short, and use sentences that are punchy and concise. The tone should be informative and helpful.

  4. Write a LinkedIn post caption with the title “How To Start Writing”; call to action with an article link, make the text sound more engaging and insert some humor, but make sure it is still clear and actionable. Use “✍🏻” as bullet points.

3. editing

A. editing
  1. Check the grammar and punctuation in this document: [COPY & PASTE TEXT].

  2. Check the text for any inconsistencies in tone and style, and provide suggestions for revisions

  3. What does [WORD] mean?

b. rewriting & paraphrasing
  1. Make this paragraph more concise: [COPY & PASTE TEXT].

  2. Edit this paragraph to improve flow and coherence: [COPY & PASTE TEXT].

  3. Rewrite this paragraph to make it more persuasive: [COPY & PASTE TEXT].

  4. Rewrite this paragraph as if I’m talking to a friend: [COPY & PASTE TEXT].

  5. Replace some words in this sentence with synonyms that convey the same meaning.

  6. Rewrite this paragraph in simpler terms.

  7. Rewrite this paragraph to remove unnecessary words: [COPY & PASTE TEXT].

  8. Restructure this sentence to give it a different flow or focus: [COPY & PASTE TEXT].

  9. Rewrite this sentence to make it sound more formal and professional: [COPY & PASTE TEXT].

  10. Explain this paragraph to a child.

4. customer support

  1. Write a list of potential search queries a user might enter to find information on this [TOPIC].

  2. Write a list of potential questions a user might have about this [TOPIC].

  3. As a small business owner, write a thank you email to my customer to express gratitude for having trust in [PRODUCT].

  4. Write an email to an unhappy customer asking why he rated the product poorly and how to improve.

  5. Give me 10 ideas to wow my customers

  6. Create an email to inform my customers about a looming downtime of my website due to an upgrade.

  7. Create an email to inform my customers of changes and fixes to [PRODUCT].

  8. Give ideas to make my customers receptive to my brand’s offers.

  9. Respond to a customer that reviewed [PRODUCT] negatively.

  10. Respond to a customer that reviewed [PRODUCT] positively.

You can download this comprehensive Chat GPT Cheat Sheet into your Notion dashboard, here for free.

With this, you'll be equipped with the knowledge and tools to create content that resonates with your audience and drives results. Whether you're a seasoned marketer or just starting out, these prompts and templates will help you save time and streamline your content creation process. So go ahead and try out these tips and tricks. Remember, the key to success in marketing is staying creative, consistent, and always in touch with your audience. Happy creating!

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